About Me

Kat works a full time job and is a single mother of two, but somehow manages to squeeze in writing in her spare time. She hopes one day to make writing and creating her full time job and work from home in sweatpants.

On top of everything else, she reads as much as she can, eats as much sushi as possible, and builds a lot of pillow forts. Her daughter Kali and son Kaden can usually be found in the previously mentioned pillow forts. They also all occasionally pretend to be zombies.

Kat has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Just search for her. She currently hasĀ four self-published collections including Mad Woman, Anchors & Vacancies, Redamancy, and Throes. Kat is currently working on her debut novel, FOR NOW, set to release Fall 2017.

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